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Katrina campins and dating

Katrina Campins: And I studied International Finance and Marketing.

" Also, I'm just very competitive with myself more than anything. PR.com: Well, I've done research on you, and you went to the University of Miami, where you had a 4.0 GPA throughout your college career.

I would come home with an A- minus and she would be like, "why didn't you get an A? You know, you always say you don't want to end up like your mother, but you eventually do PR.com: Right.

" At the time of course I didn't appreciate that, and we got in constant fights about that. You follow the pattern that you saw as a child as you get older Katrina Campins: It's insane, it's scary!

As I was about to ring up Katrina Campins at her Miami, FL offices for her newly launched Real Estate Firm, The Campins Company, I had what felt like first date jitters. It's funny, 'cause I really wanted to go to New York to study, and I got a scholarship to Cornell and a bunch of other schools up there 'cause I'm Hispanic, and because I had a great GPA and I was involved with so many things.

From watching her on the first season of The Apprentice, I got the impression that she was a no nonsense hard hitting businesswoman who would scrutinize my every question, gesture, and comment. I just came back from New York though, where it was freezing! But then I fell in love with the real estate market, so that's why I stayed here [in Miami].

Because we were the first, and because people see us as being a lot more genuine; being there for the right reasons. When I embarked on this venture, I thought that it would destroy everything that I tried so hard to prove in the business world. Katrina Campins: I'm a perfectionist and I'm anal retentive, and the tough thing about it is that I'm my worst critic.

PR.com: Has everything calmed down to status quo or is your head still spinning in circles? I thought that once The Apprentice 2 and 3 came about, there would be less tension on us; it's actually been the opposite.

And she said "Kwame is such a bright guy but he's also so much more fun then they portrayed him." Kwame and I are very close and I always tease him because I say, "if people didn't know you, they'd think you're such a straight arrowed boring creature," and really, he's intelligent, he's got his head on straight, but he's also A LOT of fun and a caring, caring person.Katrina Campins: I would say she (Omarosa) was media savvy. Troy had all these canned sayings that he knew would get him to be America's Golden Boy. After Ereka was gone and Heidi was gone and a lot of people I got along with were gone, I no longer was really passionate about it and that's when I felt that I would have to become someone that I'm not in order to win the game. So, I really didn't put up too much of a fight towards the end. " Katrina Campins: I would say it's something that you feel inside for something that you do, and you're having fun doing it and you don't realize that money's coming in because of it. I'm the only Latin person who's ever been on one of Donald Trump's shows, and I spoke Spanish on the show, but it was never shown. PR.com: I'm Jewish Katrina Campins: Oh my god, you don't understand! PR.com: But aren't you guys surrounded by so much Latino culture in Miami? People in the Latin [community] don't think I'm Latin at all. PR.com: When did you and your husband, Ben Moss, get married?PR.com: Well you got pretty far Katrina Campins: I remember when I left, the producers were screaming at me like, "why didn't you fight?! I did very well financially thru real estate but, it was unbelievable Sometimes I would forget to cash my checks. Now it's important for the cash to be coming in to build the company. PR.com: Yeah, I never saw it mentioned, ever, that you are Latino Katrina Campins: People always think I'm American, it's so funny. First of all, I told my mom I was gonna convert to Judaism, and all her friends are Jewish. Katrina Campins: We got married August 14 here in Miami, actually at one of Trump's buildings, and we'd been dating since I was 16.And one of the producers said to me "boy, we thought you were a casting mistake there for a second, because you didn't say anything." PR.com: Did that make you sink inside, when you heard that?Katrina Campins: Oh my god, when he said that, I was like "casting mistake???

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He loves to have fun and party, which you would never know PR.com: No, I would never have known that.

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